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Rhythm through the Storm. The embodiment of Leo

The source of stress during these turbulent Leo times stems from not receiving sufficient attention and appreciation.  We are carrying heavy loads; trying to resist chaos and inevitable change.  At this new moon, we are called to our role in adapting.  Do we tend to hold things together?  Initiate adjustments?  Create systems for coping? This new moon falls on Sunday, July 23.  Focus on these things as it is approaching. We are not being appreciated.  We are invited to be honest about carrying too heavy a load.  Our motivation is a resistance to chaos and inevitable change.  This is especially true for the fixed signs~ Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  The job of the fixed signs is to hold things...

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Solstice Cookies

 This year's summer solstice was especially fantastic as it converged with a Strawberry Full Moon.  It also happened to be the five year anniversary of my engagement to the hubs AND landed on a week that was in a month that was in a year that was leading me to let go of some pretty major negativity in order to make room for all that is light and good.  So now that you know how I was feeling, you understand why it was so important to honor this night. I prepared emotionally by acknowledging the shift that needed to occur.  I gave myself quiet empty space to meditate and pray. I kept my mala very close to my fingers during...

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I'm Erica Glass~ owner of Eden, a natural living boutique and Founder of Sacred Birth Collective.  Welcome to my blog!   As a mother and doula, it has become incredibly important to me to have access to quality natural products for my family and clients.  It was out of a desire to serve my community that Eden was born.  As the years (10!) have rolled on, our products have evolved and improved to meet your growing needs.  While we have expanded to include popular items offered through other vendors, our standards of excellence and care have not been compromised.  As always, all Eden brand goods are handmade and locally sourced whenever possible.  Our tinctures and healing herbal remedies are aged...

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